Benefits of Joining CCPA:​

Free 15+ CEUs

Discounted Workshops

Monthly Newsletter 


Practice information listed on the CCPA website for referrals

Opportunity to be "Psychologist of the Month"

Opportunity to have CCPA sponsor CEUs for your workshop

Free lunch provided at some CE meetings

CCPA Psychologist Member  $75.00

Requires a doctoral degree in psychology conferred by an accredited graduate school and certification/licensure as a Psychologist by TSBEP.

Associate Member  $35.00
​Requires a Master's Degree in Psychology from an accredited graduate school, or TSBEP licensure as a Psychological Associate.

Student Affiliate/Post Doc   $25.00

Requires current enrollment in an undergraduate or graduate program in an accredited college or university leading to a degree in psychology; or First Year Post Doc

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